Thursday, October 28, 2010

Killing Time

Out for another run earlier this week. The wind was restless again, and I tried to catch the leaves that floated down lazily near me. They were all too elusive though. It was a night more like Halloween than probably Sunday will be.

It's been a horrendously busy week at work. Just one more day to get through, then I can relax a little. I'll probably be in the office this weekend, just with a slight decrease in urgency compared to past weekends. I've been working overtime since late July. It's been nice for my bank account, but not for much else. I'd gladly take the free time over the extra change. Besides, I still have some things to do before it gets really cold and the snow starts flying. Mulch and rake leaves...put away the garden hose. The last three months have passed in the blink of an eye.

Not sure what the weekend holds. Reminds me of a lyric in a Bjork song. "I don't know my future this weekend...and I don't want to." I get that feeling now and then.

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