Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gone Sunday Gone

The weekends seem even more ephemeral when you throw in time at work.  Spent a few hours there today, trying to tread water.  All the overtime is the only thing which has kept me on track.  On the plus side, I've managed to save more money.  I need that after the car purchase last year.

Came home and mowed the lawn.  The leaves are multiplying.  Trimmed a few of the bushes that line the property.  I'd really gotten behind on that over the summer.  There is another small landscaping project that will probably wait until next spring.

Slowly picking up the novel again, at least starting the process of getting it into electronic form.  I'd like to see if that makes it easier to sit down and work on it.  I've always worked longhand before.  Maybe a mixture of the two is the answer.  Changing up the method might keep me on my toes more often.  I've long since given up the notion that I could make a living doing it.  That's not so important anymore.  I do like to write...I miss it when I don't.  Creativity is also a part of the path.

The week ahead looks crammed.  I have a full weekend next week as well, attending a series of talks given by a Tibetan Lama on Mahamudra meditation.  It's the practive I've adopted personally.  I hope to gain some new insights and strengthen what I've been doing.  With every year, the urgency to practice grows more intense.  Feels like a good sign to me.

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