Thursday, October 14, 2010

Evening Run

Got home after a nine and a half hour day today. Stretched, and ran outside under the fading light. Just enough to see the low clouds sliding by, almost low enough to touch. It was breezy. Leaves swirled down to the slick streets. Some of them lay there still, flattened, as if they had been painted there.

There was a light spray coming down. I'd thrown a hoodie on for the run, hoping it wouldn't be too warm. It wasn't. Running into the wind validated the decision. There was a bite in the air.

There's something about these evenings, when the wind is restless. I almost feel like I have company, no matter where I am. Maybe it's because it stirs the trees, Branches wave...pines whisper. There's an arboreal party going on. I run through it, listening. Glad not to be alone.

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