Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Happy Solstice!

I decided to observe the longest day of the year by going for a hike tonight with the Meetup group.  There were close to 70 people for this one, and I got to talk to a couple of interesting women.  I hope to see them again at another hike soon.

The only way I made it out was by going in early to work today for a meeting.  I got out earlier than usual, squeezed in my usual run, wolfed down dinner, then headed out to Seneca Park.  I can honestly say I'm tired after a nearly 4 mile run and a 2 hour hike.  By the end, my legs were moaning at me to stop.  I flashed back to being a kid again and getting that feeling when you were spent and you just wanted to flop down right where you were.  Had to wait until I got home though.

I wait many long, cold months for this time, and watch the days lengthen with relish.  Now the cycle reverses and we lose daylight in tiny increments from now until December.  Still, there is glorious summer to look forward to.  All three months of it.  Let's see what I can do with this year's edition.

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