Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Inner Sage Speaks

"You realize that this is all an illusion, don't you?"

This is what I've been hearing in my head lately--a few times now. Mostly it comes during pleasant moments, like it did tonight as I was walking outside, the setting sun warming my back.

Maybe it's that inner sage we all have, but rarely listen to. He's trying to protect me from attachment, I think. It's easy to loathe samsara when things are going poorly, much more difficult when we find ourselves in wonderful circumstances, happy and contented. Where we are at these times is the true test of our practice. Whenever I hear the words, I find a feeling of expectation, as if I'm just beyond piercing the veil. I can almost taste it. The taste of one taste.

Many might find this pessimistic, but I am comforted by it. It means there may be hope for me yet. Time grows shorter with every year, and I know that I have to keep practicing as much as possible. Death is a time of great opportunity. It only comes once in a lifetime. One has to be ready.

May your voices help you along the way as well.

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