Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Isabelle's Garden

I've watched this video three times now. It leaves me with questions. Where are her parents? Does she go to school? How did someone so young become so wise beyond her years?

For me, the video gets to the heart of what matters in life. Feeling compassion for others, and acting on it. It's a wonderful reminder of what I should be doing, and what my thoughts should consist of. These days, I'm too prone to think of extraneous stuff. It's good that I'm aware of it, but I still sometimes have trouble sweeping it away.

When I was her age, I was a sugar-addled child running around with no clue about life. The future loomed as some great unknown beast, and I nurtured a burgeoning fear of what that beast might have in store for me. That's important. It was fear, not optimism or confidence. Isabelle appears to live in the midst of poverty, and yet these harsh circumstances do not deter her from thinking about her fellow human beings, and showing her concern in a tangible way. She's truly an inspiration.

Unfortunately, this video wasn't the most popular of the festival. But it should've been.

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