Sunday, March 15, 2015

Finding The Path Again

A stressful winter has caused me to meditate less regularly than normal. Today I tried to break the pattern. I sat and did Manjushri practice. It wasn't easy, and I often wonder if meditation under such circumstances is anywhere near as effective as under ideal conditions. But I've always read that we should persist no matter what the conditions. In many ways, meditation during difficulties can help us progress on the path farther than when times are good.

I'll continue getting back into my previous routine. As temperatures rise and I'm able to move on to the many home repairs and improvements that need to be done, I know it will become easier.

I visited my nursing home resident this morning. He was in the mood to talk, but his conversation was mainly focused on trying to escape the home, and talking of suicide if he couldn't get out. I tried my best to reassure him. When he didn't talk about the negatives, he kept repeating that I made his day. It's been 5 weeks since I saw him last, but I expect to get over there more often now. Maybe my more frequent presence can help him to stop focusing on escape and suicide. I doubt he would or could go through with such a plan, but his mood isn't good if he's thinking about it.

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